Posted by Gendex News on Jan 27, 2012 2:26:00 PM

Do you remember the first time you saw a big, flatscreen TV? It surely amazed you and all who were lucky enough to see it in action. Technology is engaging, illuminating, and inspiring. And technology in the dental office has the same impact—it can lead to greater understanding, less invasive treatment, and a better overall perception of the office.

In this economy and competitive atmosphere, technology can also set you apart. Many dental educators agree that technology builds patient loyalty, and this loyalty is a large part of the success of dentists as practitioners and business owners.

So what are patients looking for? A recently published article coached patients on questions to ask their potential new dentist. Rated right alongside, “Where did you receive your dental training?” patients also were advised to ask:

  1. “What is the most recent technology that you have added to your practice?”
  2. “If your fees are more expensive, what makes your practice a good investment?”
  3. “What services do you provide in your area that other dentists do not?”
  4. Digital Imaging can provide a positive answer to all three of these questions. 

On a recent DPR Friday weekly video broadcasts, Director of Content for Advanstar Dental Media, Thais Carter, poses the question, “Have you ever wondered what patients think about the technology in your office?”  This video gives a bit of patient Amanda Davis’ perspective on her recent visit to the office of one of our Gendex owners, Dr. Brian Couch in Coppell, Texas.

The full article, “The Multi-Layered Comfort of 3D Technology,” yields more insights into Amanda’s experiences with the new Gendex digital pan-3D system and with Dr. Couch.  

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