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Gendex digital x-ray sensors are designed, built, and tested to last. As with any technology product, sometimes support is needed and we have built an infrastructure to ensure the highest level of service when that need arises. With this post, we would like to answer some key questions about digital sensor support: who to contact for help, what options are available to protect your digital x-ray investment, and who to reach out to when your system is down. 

1. Who Do I Contact?

If you have questions about your Gendex digital sensors, you can contact your authorized Gendex dealer representative or service technician to assist and provide guidance. Our knowledgeable dealer partners are continuously trained to successfully support all Gendex digital solutions. To find your local Gendex authorized dealer, visit the dealer section on the Gendex site.

In addition, you can reach out to the Gendex Technical Support team directly with your questions. Our expert team can be contacted via email or phone; whichever is more convenient to you. Here you can find the Gendex Tech Support contact info.

 Gendex Technical Support  


2. Do you offer any option to extend the sensors’ warranty?

We have designed a dedicated program to protect your investment in Gendex digital solutions. This program, called the Gendex Sapphire Protection Plan, provides you with a comprehensive plan should your equipment require replacement or maintenance. If you have any questions about extending your digital sensor warranty and support, you can send a message to our warranty renewal team. Our warranty specialists will contact you as soon as possible and provide complete information on how to enroll your digital x-ray sensors, pricing information, as well as complete program terms and conditions.

 Gendex Sapphire

3. Are there any authorized Gendex repair centers?

Gendex digital x-ray sensors, like the Visualix eHD/GXS/HDI or the latest Gendex GXS-700 model, are made with customized components and built using specialized manufacturing processes to guarantee high quality levels and consistent performance. There are no third party centers certified or authorized by Gendex to repair potentially broken or defective sensors. In addition, unauthorized repairs completed or attempted on sensors might void any outstanding warranty or eliminate your ability to enroll the sensors into Gendex extended warranty plans – see Gendex terms of sale for further details. We recommend reaching out to your local authorized Gendex dealer or to the Gendex technical support directly with any questions and for assistance with your specific situation.

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