Posted by Gendex News on Sep 7, 2012 9:48:00 AM

The month has finally come where we reveal the much anticipated Gendex GXDP-700 Panoramic X-ray sweepstakes winner! Thousands of contestants have been entering to win and the excitement has helped build a fan base for the Experience Gendex Tour that has taken this sweepstakes on the road.

The Experience Gendex North American Tour has housed the 3-in-1 digital system even before the first doctor’s office. As dental professionals around the country stepped aboard the 46ft. “rolling blue thunder” bus, there was no denying the presence of the gorgeous GXDP-700. The sleek style and ergonomic design were instant head turners and when the doctors learned they could have the digital system in their office for the price tag of FREE, everyone jumped at the opportunity. 


Figure: The GXDP-700 onboard of the Experience Gendex Bus

Tens of thousands of miles were driven to showcase the equipment. Thousands of doctors entered to win the sweepstakes. And now thousands wait for the bus as it sets out on its last leg of the North American tour. The bus will complete its’ final mileage as it rolls into the winning doctor offices parking lot to present them with their GXDP-700 series. If you are one of those anticipating doctors, you can track us live as we travel the country over the next few weeks. The winning stop will be made the last week in September. Perhaps we are closing in on your office!


Knowing the excitement that graced the faces of the thousands who stepped aboard the bus to see and learn about the product, we can only imagine the thrill on the face of the winning contest and their staff as they see the Gendex blue bus pull up to their office. Hold on to your hats, this last month will be an exciting ride.


Topics: Digital Technology, GXDP-700 Pan/Ceph/3D unit