Posted by Gendex News on Nov 4, 2011 2:30:00 PM

For the important aspects of life, we always look for a good fit. For relationships, a good fit means less pain and fuss, more cooperation—basically, a good fit is a good indication that things are going to work out right.

For Gendex GXS-700™ sensors, researchers and developers have worked diligently on the sensors’ ergonomics so that they can be a good fit for any size or age patient.  Rounded corners and smooth edge finishes comfortably fit the anatomical shape of the mouth. This is a welcome change from the sharp corners of traditional film or a lot of other sensors that can cut into delicate tissues. Michigan dentist and GXS-700 owner, Dr. Gregory Balog states, “For my patients, the sensor provided a more comfortable x-ray experience. Patient after patient comments on the improvement over film.”

These dental digital sensors were designed in two sizes—pedo and adult, to cater to varying mouth sizes and shapes, especially important for a practice’s youngest patients. Plus, the holders are shaped to the sensors—no gaps to cause discomfort.

Sensor ergonomics extends beyond patient comfort. Team members find these sensors easy to place and move around the mouth, reducing the time it takes to capture x-rays, even in difficult positioning, such as third molars and long-rooted canines, and horizontal and vertical bitewings.  Besides ergonomics, the high resolution images are incredibly clear and sharp, another example of a good fit for a dental practice, and a visual way to achieve the best diagnosis possible.

Gendex is proud that our products are respected and trusted by the dental community. We value the relationships that we have built with our doctors and their associates—and the ergonomics of our GXS-700 sensors make us an even better fit around the dental office!

Here’s Gendex Representative Todd Starker proudly showing the GXS-700 sensor to some folks from AT Still University.


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