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Greg Rice is not just an avid outdoorsman; when nature beckons, he gets out the right tools and becomes a part of the naturescape. He explains, “I love mountain biking and downhill skiing, and my motto is, “the steeper the better.” Greg’s penchant for state-of-the-art equipment and thrill-seeking make him the perfect Gendex rep. His personality is a breath of fresh air, and he shares his clients’ excitement when Gendex equipment raises their dental offices to new heights of patient care.


Tell us about your family.

I have been married for eight years and have two beautiful children. My son loves school and chatting with anyone that will talk to him. He has ample amounts of energy and plays hard and sleeps hard. My daughter loves to be outside without shoes and hanging out in the garage with Dad. My wife enjoys days at home with the children and especially loves it when the school season reopens.

What are your hobbies?

When not on the mountain, I love working in the garden, welding, and watching the Baltimore Ravens.

How did you reach your current position at Gendex?

After working with the Department of Forestry in Santa Cruz, CA, for two years I decided to move to Sacramento and work on a fire management degree from CSU, Sacramento. During my time at CSUS I started selling fire equipment to businesses. That is where I found my calling in sales. After graduation, I worked for ADP payroll for three years, and then was fortunate to be brought on by Gendex six years ago. Time sure has flown by.

What is your “on-the-job” philosophy?   

I love having the doctor and dealer relationships that have been built over the past six years. “Communication, follow through, and never leave a stone unturned” are my mantras and have been a driving force in my career. 

Tell us about the response of your “Experience Gendex” bus events.

With four bus stops now complete, I have really enjoyed seeing staff, dealers, and doctors’ reactions to both the bus pulling in and them actually boarding.  In Reno, we had nine doctors attend with their staffs. The bus was packed, and the excitement level was through the roof.  The comment I have heard most is that Gendex has thought outside the box with an innovative way to promote the line that is mindful of dentists’ busy schedules. 

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

My greatest non-work accomplishments have been to both support a family and make time for hobbies outside of work.  My greatest accomplishments for work would be the continual growth in my territory and the ability to keep in touch with my current client base.

What do you want Gendex customers to know about you?  

I love happy clients, and nothing rewards me more than getting a thank-you card or letter from an office detailing their positive experiences they have had with both Gendex and me.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is simple, if I can continue to provide for my family and build a happy and excited client base, I could not ask for anything else.

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