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Larry Gioffre has a way of finding creative solutions to complicated problems. His work ethic entails giving customers more service than they expect, a pleasant surprise. Five years ago, he got a pleasant surprise of his own—his twin daughters, who as they grow, add a new meaning to the term “multi-tasking.” Whether he is with a client, on the Experience Gendex bus, or home with the family, all of his customers and colleagues find him ready to innovate, explore and be undaunted by challenges. He says, “Where others throw up their hands, I roll up my sleeves and get busy.”

Tell us about your family:

My family consists of my wife and our identical twin girls. I met my wife at the Oregon Dental Conference 10 years ago (Who says we’re only there to sell?) We were set up by a mutual friend that worked in a dental office that had a Denoptix system. She was an RDA there before she relocated to our current home in the Bay Area.

What are your hobbies?

I like gadgets, and anything to do with technology. I also enjoy customizing the technology and adding features to it. I enjoy playing golf, working out, home improvement, vacationing, and spending time with my family. 

How did you reach your current position at Gendex? 

Well, that’s kind of a long story that involved quite a few mergers. I started with a small start-up company called Insight Imaging Systems back in 1994 selling intraoral cameras, software ,and digital x-ray over the phone.  We were then acquired by New Image Industries in 1996. I then made the transition to outside sales. New Image was then acquired by Dentsply in 1997.  Dentsply then acquired Gendex in 1999,  and I have worked with Gendex ever since. 

What is your “on-the-job” philosophy? 

I have two: Go the extra mile for your doctors and your dealers, and one day, they will return the favor.  I have a way of finding creative solutions to complicated problems. Second, I have always believed in treating the customer as I would like to be treated.   

Tell us about the response of your “Experience Gendex” bus events.

The event we held at Dr. Khandaqji’s office is San Ramon was inspiring. Dr. K invited a few colleagues, including two from the Seattle Study club.  They were very interested in the GXDP-700 (the dental cone beam system that Dr. K has), and there was lots of time for them to see the system in action—on the bus and in Dr. K’s office. Other doctors said they were going to send patients over to Dr. K to get scanned. That put a big smile on Dr. K’s face. Everyone was amazed by the bus and couldn’t believe that Gendex did this. One person wanted it to tailgate at a football game. I also met a financial planner that invited me to an event where 40 doctors will be present.  Overall, it’s a great experience and wonderful for networking.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

 I would have to say, by far, experiencing the birth of my twin daughters that were born prematurely— 26 weeks, 5 days to be exact. Leading up to this, I had to take care of my wife for 10 weeks while she was on strict bed rest. During this time, I had to do all the daily shopping, cooking, cleaning, household activities, look after my wife, and—oh, by the way, sell Gendex imaging solutions. It caused me to miss the first day of the CDA meeting that year. But I would do it again in a heartbeat. 

What do you want Gendex customers to know about you?  

I would like them to know that I truly appreciate their patronage and am proud to have them as part of the Gendex family.  Also, I will be there to support them and be there in the future when their practices need change.

What is your definition of success? 

I really struggle with the word success—I don’t feel that I have attained it. That is what motivates me to keep pushing. I feel that once you feel like you are successful, you tend to slow down, and I have no intention of doing that.  Ask me that question again in 23 years!

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