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Todd Starker is a man of many talents. Sports, singing, raising his son, and selling Gendex products keep him satisfied and fulfilled. Todd prides himself on reaching for worthy goals--using his time wisely, treating customers fairly, and selling the best dental products around. When he’s relaxing with golfing buddies, the fresh air and sunshine keeps his experience above par, no matter what the score. On the road for Gendex, he always is at the top of his game, giving it his best shot and helping his customers to take the right course of action with the best products available.

Tell us about your family.

 I have a beautiful wife and am the father of a well-behaved son. My wife is the best-dressed stay-at-home mom ever! My son loves to play football, the position of quarterback, so that means I do most of the running. He also likes to play tackle, so we are always tackling each other. He also likes to play baseball and sing country music, like me. I sing in the shower, around the house, in the car, so he gets that from me.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy golf, physical fitness and political conversations. When I have time, I jog and lift weights; I try to stay in shape. I have a regular foursome for golf. It’s a great game because it allows me to be outdoors. Even if the game goes awry and I don’t get a good score, I can still appreciate my surroundings.



How did you reach your current position at Gendex?

I was working for KaVo when Gendex merged for a time with KaVo. I then moved over to the Gendex team. It was a move that worked well for me.

What is your “on-the-job” philosophy?

Do it now, get it done, and fulfill the promises you make. I don’t delay when I have a responsibility because waiting means that the consequences of not getting the job done are still continuing. Why not get something done sooner, and get the satisfaction? I fulfill my promises because I expect people to do what they say they will do. I am amazed at how many people I encounter who have been disappointed by salespeople who do not fulfill their promises. That is not healthy, and it breeds animosity—definitely not my style.

Tell us about the response of your “Experience Gendex” bus events.

The people are in awe of what we have done. They are taken aback by the fact that a manufacturer would go to that extreme to show their products. They all want to get into the bus and spend some time learning about the products.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

Professionally, obtaining rep of the year in 2004. Personally, our son. Also, I felt very accomplished when I was acquiring real estate. At one time, I owned five houses. I kept them for a few years and then sold them.

What do you want Gendex customers to know about you?

I am genuinely concerned helping doctors and staff members solve their problems. I like working for Gendex because the product line allows me to solve any of the doctors’ imaging quandaries—pans, 3D cone beam, digital sensors, software, cameras, intraorals—they are all great products for me to tell them about and to help them implement.

What is your definition of success?

Obtaining worthy goals, healthy relationships, and financial independence.

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